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Eating Fat to Boost Vitamin D and Calcium- Fact or Fiction?

For professionals and even people who are keen on the foods that they eat, there is always a concern about how many of the nutrients that one takes are actually taken up by the body. The synthesis of vitamins and other nutrients has become popular in a bid to make sure that the body has enough to help it get going and overtime. Recent studies have shown that the body is more efficient in taking up some nutrients when they are ingested with certain kinds of foods. Boost Vitamin D and calcium are essential for bone health.Particularly, this has been the question as to whether eating fat to boost Vitamin D and calcium is fact or fiction.

Eating Fat to Boost Vitamin D and Calcium Fact or Fiction Eating Fat to Boost Vitamin D and Calcium  Fact or Fiction?


• Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient and as you would have it, eating fats might increase its intake to begin with.

• When one consumes fats, they stimulate the secretion of bile, into the small intestines. As a result, this enhances the break-down of fats and fat soluble vitamins of which vitamin D is among the later.

• To ascertain whether it is true that fats to affect the rate of absorption of vitamin D in the body, there was a recent study that was carried out by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and dietics.

• In this study 50 people were divided into two groups and one of the groups given a diet mixed with corn and olive oil while the other was given a diet that was fat free. They were then required to produce samples of blood throughout the day and as you would expect, this confirmed that eating fat helps boost vitamin D.


• The same study that was carried above tested for calcium and this did not show any evidence that fats play a role in boosting calcium levels.

• However, other studies have shown that calcium carbonate which is a form of calcium is better absorbed in the body when it is taken in conjunction with meal regardless of the fat content. Hence it is safe to say that while fat does boost Vitamin D, the same cannot be said for Calcium.

What is organic food?

Wondering what is organic food? Well, these are foods which are developed using environment friendly and animal friendly farming methods. Interestingly, these foods carry a particular type of logo, making these unique from the other foods. These foods are typically produced by maintaining the organic farming principles. Even though most people call organic foods to be earth friendly, it is not always true. Organic regulations mainly focus on the various farming practices as well as food production steps which are easily modified. The main aim is to reduce the chances of food contamination and to provide high quality food.

What is organic food What is organic food?

How to understand organic foods?

Know what is organic food? now, you also need to know how to identify it. Most people confuse between the organic foods and organically grown labels on food. The first thing you need to remember is that the term organic can be applied to a variety of food. These include agricultural product, eggs, meats and more. That’s not all; it also applies to the methods used to produce organic grown foods. Well, there is simply nothing to get worried. Just make sure you check the 100% organic food on the label before you buy it. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying organic foods.

Reasons you should consider buying organic foods

  • Extremely strict standards are maintained.
  • Organic foods don’t use pesticides and chemicals which are widely used in non-organic foods.
  • Organic farmers also make it a point to use healthy soil for producing organic foods by suing various methods.
  • Organic foods also don’t use harmful fertilizers and chemicals that by products of fossil fuel industries.
  • Many people have also claimed that organic foods taste better.
  • It is good for nature as well as good for you.

Got an idea about what is organic food? You must know that it is also good for your health. In fact, it reduces the exposure to various contaminants found in foods grown my conventional processes.

Ten Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy

It is essential for a person to stay mentally healthy as it maintains their well-being. This enables them to perform all activities with grease while feeling confident to meet all challenges that may arise now and then. There are many ways to improve your mental health like you would for your physical health. Enhance your mental health and enjoy the sense of well being by following some easy ten tips to stay mentally healthy.

Connect with the rest:
Make sure you establish a good relationship with people whom you know and maintain it with care. They are the ones who will support you throughout and will make your life meaningful. The way you maintain a personal relationship with all others will have a good effect on your mental well-being. Allot special time to enrich your relationships as it can be greatly rewarding.

Spend time for enjoyment:
Make sure to take some time to enjoy personal activities that you love like your hobbies, pets and other projects. Allow yourself to be creative and let your imaginations soar. Play with your four legged companions, solve a crossword puzzle, stroll in a park, read a book or draw pictures along with your kids – enjoy whichever activity that interests you.

Find people who share your interests:
You can become a member of clubs or groups to interact with members who share your same interests. This is best to maintain your mental health as it offers a sense of belonging. You can find various clubs and groups in niches like sports, dance, arts and theater, literature and book lovers.

Contribute for a cause:
Become a volunteer for a noble cause and devote some time for it. You can help your neighbors, be a member of a community, plant some saplings or educate few homeless kids. This will help you have a “feel good” reaction and be worthy of your life.

Care for yourself:
Maintain an active lifestyle, eat well and be healthy. Physical as well as mental health is closely related and hence you need to have a good body. Perform simple activities such as dancing, walking, gardening or vacuuming to stay fit. Physical activity and nutritional diet go hand in hand in maintaining your mental health. Use natural methods to help with any illnesses such as these home remedies for a runny nose.

Take up a challenge:
Set some challenges and work towards meeting it. It can be a general or work related. This will help you improve the mental fitness as it can boost up your skills and confidence.

Cope up with stress:
When you are aware of the causes of stress, you can learn the ways to deal with it. This stress can make you feel distressed and can affect your life. So make sure you learn a few techniques of stress management such as yoga, meditation or breathing exercises to maintain your mental health.

Rest adequately:
Get enough rest and sleep well. Maintain a regular bedtime and get many hours of sleep. This will revitalize your mind and body and eradicates the fatigue completely. If you are awake, then allow your mind to wander off or watch the passing clouds until you drift off to sleep.

Note down everything that is happening around you:
Give a moment of thought to various things, like how bright the day is, how the breeze ruffles your hair or the pattern of your breathing. This will prevent you from worrying about the past and future. You can try to establish a sincere effort to be aware of what is going around you to stay mentally alert.

Seek help:
You can find help in the form of a doctor, counselor or therapist who will let you talk about it and overcome the worries related to your life. If you follow these 10 tips properly, you will certainly stay mentally healthy.

How to get a flat stomach?

Would you like to know how to get a flat stomach? Is it true that it is conceivable? The answer relies on upon your wellness level when starting out. In any case it is certainly conceivable to get a perfect stomach in one month – or at least a flatter one – on the off chance that you take after these tips.How to get a flat stomach1 How to get a flat stomach?

In the event that you want a perfect stomach in one month, you must take a stab at the issue with both firearms drawn – no halfway measures here! Your stomach flattening regimen ought to incorporate four parts: diet, quality training, aerobics, and hard-center abdominal activities. Leaving out any of these components is similar to battling the battle with one hand tied betraying your trust. So we should examine these components in detail.


It’s a well-known fact that in the event that you expend a bigger number of calories than you blaze, the overabundance winds up getting stored as fat. The uplifting news is not all calories are the same.

Researchers at Cornell University performed an intriguing study. They partitioned subjects into two gatherings. The primary gathering had to carefully number their calories yet didn’t have to stress over their fat intake. The second gathering had to carefully watch their fat however didn’t have to check calories. Surmise which amass lost more weight after 11 weeks? That’s correct – the low-fat gathering, and they lost twice as much weight.

Quality Training

On the off chance that you want a perfect stomach in one month, or at least in the most limited time conceivable, you have to practice your arms, your legs, your back, and so on. In fact, the more muscle you can put on overall, the easier you’ll discover it to flatten your stomach.

Why? Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Muscle smolders fat actually when you rest. So the more muscle you put on, the easier you’ll discover it to flatten your stomach. This doesn’t mean you have to resemble a jock. What you’re aiming for is fit, decently toned muscles.


This is another important fixing in our plan. Although quality training will certainly help, aerobics is necessary in the event that you want a flat stomach in one month, or at least in the most brief time conceivable. This doesn’t have to mean hopping around in leotards in a calisthenics class. Aerobics can be any activity you appreciate – tennis, running, basketball, swimming, and so on.

Abdominal Activities

I saved this for last because, while it may be the area many individuals put the most emphasis on who are attempting to get a flat stomach in one month, it is not necessarily the most important.

Fortunately, some research recommends that we get thinner fastest from those places where we put it on first. So an overall get-healthy plan could bring about a flatter stomach more rapidly than you might suspect.