General Car Maintenance 101

Our cars are a huge investment that need to be taken care of on a regular basis.  Many people however take the small details for granted and as a result their car begins to degrade and fall apart.  The simplest thing that someone can do is go to a car wash in bel air md on a regular basis to prevent corrosion.  Here are some other quick and easy car, van, truck, and overall vehicle care tips you can use to make sure your car is clean.

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Baby wipes

Carry a package of baby wipes in your car glove compartment.  You can use these wipes for a wide range of purposes.  First of all they are good to wipe your hands, face and the hands and faces of others in your car.  Most of us really don’t think about the germs we carry as well as all of the surfaces we touch every day.  Wiping down passengers as well as the most commonly touched areas of the car will remove this grime keeping your car clean.

Seat protectors

There is a wide variety of seat protectors that you can get for your car.  These protectors will go around the headrest and drape down the front of the chair.  These can be stylish giving your car a little more personality.

Air Fresheners

A good smelling car is a fun car.  Hang an air freshener off of your rear view window or use those vent clip fresheners.  Find a pleasant neutral scent. 

Don’t eat in the car

This is going to be a hard one to follow.  The majority of us will eat in our cars.  When eating however make sure to have the baby wipes available and clean up after yourself.

Spill Proof Containers

When transporting groceries and other items you may want to consider putting spill proof containers in the back.  These can be simple plastic crates that don’t have holes in them.  When you have these boxes and something leaks, you can easily remove the box and clean it.